Dark Tales – The Cinderella Expansion


The card game Dark Tales is inspired by classic fairy tales, retold in a dark style. The land of Dark Tales is populated by disturbing creatures and sinister characters, and the interaction between cards and magic items is the key to success: A character, event, or sword used at the right time can determine the fate of the game! Thanks to the many setting cards, the items you collect change their power from game to game.

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This is an expansion to the Dark Tales board game and is required to play!

From the bully stepsisters to the cruel stepmother, from the fabulous ball at the Palace to the notorious shoe: in the world of Dark Tales, new characters and special items appear to create new and unexpected combinations! Will Cinderella manage to dance with the Prince, or will her stepsisters conquer his attention? When the story is over, it’s time to play another. The ending can change yet again!

  • 24 playing cards
  • 2 new basic setting cards
  • Ball at the Palace card
  • 21 tiles
  • 4 victory point tokens
  • 2 Cinderella setting cards
  • Rulebook
Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in


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